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Milan Auto Decender

The Milan AGR 2001 Self Rescue kit has been specifically designed for the Wind Turbines, Oil Industries and Military applications. The Milan device features an automatic speed control due to the centrifugally controlled brake. The device keeps the speed constant for the entire descent run, thus enabling a swift and safe rescue facility. Speed remains the same irrelevant of the persons weight.

The fully automatic MILAN unit uses a centrifugal brake design which maintains a constant descent speed of approx 0.9 m/s or 2.0 m/s for the Fast Unit. One person (up to 150 kg) can descend a total height of 500m. The MILAN is also approved for use by 2 persons up to 280 kg.

The MILAN is used for evacuation from man up trucks, platforms, wind turbines, off shore facilities and military operations. The housing is machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminium thus making the engineering tolerances very fine. The unit is approved according to the SEE BG (Sea Accident Insurance and Prevention Association) by German Lloyd on seagoing ships. The unit conforms to EN341 Class A, EN 1496, ANSI Z359.4-2007.

The Milan Hub gives the advantage of lifting a casualty over a short distance to facilitate rescuing before being descended to the ground for medical attention. The Milan Fast unit features a high speed transmission ratio allowing for a descent speed of 2 m/s for long distance evacuations, traverse line applications or military operations.


The equipment can either be supplied in dry storage bags or in the hermetically sealed ‘SEAL Pac’ depending on the customer requirements. The SEAL Pac can be specified with all three Milan units with rope sets up to 150m.

All rescue devices must be inspected on a minimal annual basis, even equipment which is unused and only stored for emergencies. With the Seal Pac, this regular inspection becomes easier.

The MILAN is stored in a sealed metal box. An authorised inspector opens the sealed box once a year, checks the moisture indicator and the condition of the MILAN packaging. If everything meets the requirements, the inspector marks the month and year of the next inspection, signs and seals the metal box with a new seal. A seal shows whether the MILAN was opened without authorisation.

The main advantages of the Seal Pac are the costs and time savings as well as the controlled safety aspect.


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