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FirePen Pro Cutting Tool

The FirePen is a pocket‐sized innovative metal cuttng tool, used by entry teams to overcome unexpected metal grills, chains or padlocks which limit access to the target. The FirePen is the perfect alternative to when you have
no access to electricity, acetylene or oxygen, but you need to cut through metal.

The FirePen unique chemical composition makes it possible to cut through metal fittngs, steel ropes, grills, pipes and other metal products in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is light the FirePen with the match provided.
The FirePen has a combustion temperature of 2800 °C ‐ 5072 °F for 20 seconds, lights in less than 5 seconds, requires no special training and a single pen will cut through material 16 ‐ 18 mm, 0.63 ‐ 0.71 in thick. The FirePen
is indispensable given its size and weight. Once the FirePen is lit it cannot be extinguished by any means and even works underwater.

FirePen Pro
FirePen Pro
Part Number TFP‐01
Description Pocket‐sized metal cutting tool
Burn Time 20 Seconds
Dimensions (L x Dia.) 300 mm x 15 mm ‐ 11.81 in x 0.59 in
Combustion Temperature 2800 °C ‐ 5072 °F
Ignition Temperature 1300 °C ‐ 2372 °F
Cutting Thickness 16 ‐ 18 mm thick material with one FirePen
Weight 0.10 kg ‐ 0.22 lbs
NSN 0000‐00‐000‐0000

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